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Deploy Bitnami Node.js HA Cluster with Azure Cosmos DB

Microsoft Azure
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04.20.2018 | 0 | Video

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Rick Spencer joins Donovan to chat about deploying Bitnami Node.js High Availability with Azure Cosmos DB, a free listing in Azure Marketplace that uses ARM to automatically spin up a three-node Node.js cluster behind a load balancer with a shared file system and Azure Cosmos DB integration. See how you can quickly get a sample MEAN app from GitHub to a highly available production environment in the Azure cloud, with very little configuration or sysadmin knowledge required.
For more information, see:
• Bitnami Node.js For Microsoft Azure Multi-Tier Solutions (docs)
• Bitnami Node.js High-Availability Cluster (Azure Marketplace)
• Bitnami sample MEAN application (GitHub)
• Create a Free Account (Azure)